How do Disability Sports Data create data visualisations for clients?

From what was first an idea drawn up on a proposal to now becoming a reality, I would like to welcome you to Disability Sports Data, a data journalism agency focused around supplying data visualisations to clients within disability sport.

Whilst we were hoping to launch in late February 2017, we have launched our website in March, but I hope it was worth the wait! We specialise in delivering data visualisations to disability sport charities, governing bodies and teams, using Tableau, which is a data visualisation software used by data analysts.

No matter how big your team, charity or governing body is, Disability Sports Data is confident in ensuring that we deliver data visualisations in a matter of hours so that you can use the visualisations immediately on a report or on your company/team’s website.

So how do we make the visualisations for our clients? We can explain the process that Disability Sports Data does for creating data visualisations.

Step 1: Bringing your ideas forward and contacting us via our email (

Step 2: Once we have the data, we can start to understand what kind of visualisations would be appropriate for the data that we have in an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file.

Step 3: We sketch the visualisation on paper so we have a good understanding of what it will look like on paper before doing it in Tableau.

Step 4: Once we have drawn the visualisation on paper, we can start to generate it in Tableau, taking into consideration the font, colour and style to ensure that it’s accessible for the disability audience.

Step 5: After the visualisation has been generated in Tableau, it’ll be published on Tableau Public.

Step 6: We will send over the data visualisation in Tableau via our email for your company/team/governing body to keep and use at your own leisure.

That’s it! If you have any questions regarding our data visualisation making process, please let us know via our email ( or via the Editor’s email ( and we will contact you as soon as possible regarding any requests with data visualisations.

About Umar Hassan

21-year-old journalist, born and bred in Birmingham, who spends most of his weekends following motorsport.

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